Causes of carpet rot

Carpets and all kinds of textile products do not rot or damage on their own. What leads to rot and damage to the weaves is the lack of proper care and maintenance. We need to know about caries, which is usually caused by improper maintenance of the carpet. Machine-made carpets and hand-woven carpets need care.
Exposure to moisture for a long time and not having enough light and temperature is one of the most common reasons for this. If we take proper and principled care of the carpet, it can be mentioned as a capital good that is used for many years, but if we do not pay enough attention, the quality of the carpet will decrease over time and will not be usable.
In all the damages to the carpet, rot and mold are the first words. Under the carpet is a dark environment and completely prone to the growth of fungi, so if you do not pay attention to the mold and rot, we will see the carpet will be damaged.
Spinning yarn and spin fibers act on their own in absorbing moisture and water due to the material, and this is the reason why carpets need more care in terms of temperature and humidity than other items.
Caries is more common in carpets that use cotton in their warp or weft because cotton is the most sensitive fiber to absorb water and moisture.

Methods to prevent carpet rot

Most of the rot is related to the areas near the natural pots and in front of the bathroom and toilet in the house, when watering them, some water overflows and spills on the carpet, which eventually due to negligence and remaining in the carpet to It penetrates into the fibers and causes decay.
Moisture penetration between the ceramic tiles under the carpet is also one of the cases that need to be checked regularly and usually in the presence of water and liquids, opacity occurs between the tiles, which must be removed and referred to before it leads to decay.
Radiators and under windows in case of leakage are among the points that need to be checked.
Do not move the carpet and aerate it, stay in a damp or wet place, especially in humid cities in the north of the country, pour liquids such as syrup on the carpet and lack of thorough and timely cleaning, washing with acidic chemicals, especially hand-woven products, which leads to Fiber analysis is one of the items that requires the necessary and sufficient accuracy.
The point that few people pay attention to is not washing. It is better to wash the carpets thoroughly or thoroughly at regular intervals, but not too close to each other, and dry them completely, because in addition to water and moisture, food remains and contamination will lead to rot and damage.
In this section, we will remind you of the points that can protect the carpet from damage:
The surface under the carpet should be smooth, clean and dry and free of dust.
Do not spread the carpet on gypsum, lime or soil.
It is better to avoid spreading two carpets on top of each other or rubber.
Once in a while, move the carpets and perform aeration by opening the doors and windows.
Do not use after washing until we are sure that the carpet is completely dry.
Ceramic seams and tiles under the carpet should not be open as it is a good place for willow and bacteria to accumulate.

Carpet repair

All repairs and changes made on the carpet after weaving and processing are called embossing. These repairs can include root repair, weeding, tearing, caries damage, and so on. Embossing is a highly specialized job that requires high skill and sufficient experience. Sufficient experience and expertise in all areas is required because the work of the embosser is evaluated by experts and must be completely flawless.
In caries repair, first the rotten grain wefts are replaced and new weft threads are replaced. Then, in the damaged places, clean carpets and rugs are replaced and used in harmony with the weaves. But if the caries is treated before the complete damage, the next events can be easily prevented with a simple relief.