What are the features of a good carpet?

As you know, machine-made carpet is one of the goods that need to be used in all homes, and the first question that arises to prepare it is what are the characteristics of a good machine-made carpet? In this article, we want to give you a complete guide to buying a good and first-class carpet. There are several factors before each person to buy a good carpet. For example, for some, the beauty of the carpet is more important than the price of the carpet, and others are looking for a cheap carpet.

What is a good machine carpet?

As mentioned, a good machine carpet may have different features  for each person; For this reason, we have tried in this article to collect all the factors that determine an ideal carpet so that you can have a suitable choice in buying a first-class machine carpet for your home.

Good and cheap machine carpet

If you are looking for a suitable and cheap carpet for your home, we can offer you to buy 700 reeds carpets because this carpet has a cheaper price compared to other 1000, 1200 and 1500 reeds carpets.

The cheapness of 700 reeds carpets does not mean that this product is of poor quality, and the reason for its cheapness is the use of less density and reeds. The thickness of this carpet is more than other machine-made carpet products with higher density, which increases its lifespan.

This cheap carpet will have a longer life due to its high thickness, so you can use it in places that have a lot of traffic. That's why we recommend the 700 reeds carpet for busy homes that want to spend a decent amount of money on carpet.

The beauty of the carpet

If you do not have a limit on the cost of buying a rug and you are looking for a rug with a beautiful design, we recommend that you use 1200 and 1500 reeds carpets. Due to their high density, 1200 and 1500 reeds carpets are very similar to handmade carpets and they are also called handmade machine-made carpets.

If you want to buy a beautiful carpet at a reasonable price, which is also a good carpet for you, we suggest you buy a 1200 reeds carpet; And if you are looking for the most similar carpet to handmade carpet, we suggest you buy 1500 reeds carpets.

Choose carpets according to location

The place where the carpet is used is another criterion for buying a good carpet, and you should make an ideal and smart choice according to the place where you want the carpet to be spread.

For example, the best flooring for the kitchen would be a kilim, and it is not right to use machine-made carpets because the kitchen gets dirty too soon. It is more appropriate to use kilims for the kitchen because they are easier to wash and do not show dirt. Or if you want to use traditional carpet for the bedroom, it will not be suitable and you should go for modern and fancy carpets.

Choose the right carpet for your lifestyle

Another factor in choosing a good carpet is the type of lifestyle. If you are a fan of modern and new styles, you can use Iranian carpets with Turkish designs, and if you are a fan of original Iranian designs, you can use Islamic designs, Shekargaah, Shah Abbasi, etc.

Buy the carpet with suitable dimensions

When buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the dimensions of the carpet are smaller than the size of your room. So that the carpet does not go under the sofas and does not completely cover the room. Not paying attention to this issue makes the room space smaller and destroys its beauty. So if you are looking for a beautiful decor, be sure to buy a carpet that fits the dimensions of the front of your sofa. In the bedroom, you can also choose the appropriate dimensions to be placed next to the bed.

What is a good car carpet material?

If you want to buy a carpet with excellent material and quality, the best yarn used in machine-made carpet products is heat-set acrylic yarn.

The features of this yarn include its resistance to heat as well as anti-allergy and anti-lint of this carpet, also acrylic yarn due to its quality and transparency makes the design and design used in the carpet more beautiful. It is machine-made, so if you are looking to buy a good machine-made carpet, we recommend that you buy a carpet with heat-set acrylic yarn.