Cleaning all kinds of stains from the carpet

2021-09-04 13:46:41

Proper methods of cleaning the dirt from the carpet

Carpet is one of the items in the house that attracts people's attention and gives a special effect to the house. Removing dirt and carpet stains is a big concern for women and they do not know how to remove dirt from the carpet. By reading the following article, you will learn how to remove stains and dirt from carpets. In this article, we have tried to provide you with a complete explanation about removing stains on carpets.

Remove all kinds of stains and dirt from the carpet

The carpet gets dirty very quickly due to heavy traffic and shows all kinds of stains. Read more with things like cleaning the edges and roots of the carpet, removing tea stains from the carpet, removing heavy items on the carpet, disinfecting the carpet, removing oil and grease from the carpet, cleaning the pencil You will learn about candles from carpets, cleaning cocoa and coffee stains from carpets, removing glue from carpets, removing blood stains from carpets, automatic cleaning and ink from carpets and other things.

Methods for removing stains from carpets

Remove tea and coffee stains from the carpet:

Most people are familiar with this. All you have to do is pour a small amount of mineral water on it and wipe it with a napkin. This should be continued until the carpet returns to its original state.

Removing juice stains from the carpet:

Removing carrot juice stains from carpets or any other type of fruit juice is not impossible, it is enough to wash it with a solution of white vinegar, salt and some water before a long time, but the amount of white vinegar should not be It should be high because it will damage the carpet.

Removing auto ink stains from carpets:

In this type of dirt, it is enough to pour some milk on the stain and wait for the ink to absorb the milk. After the ink has absorbed the milk, wipe it with a cloth and do not allow the stain to spread. Do this continuously to remove the stain.

Removing oil and fat from the carpet:

To remove such dirt, we should mix some milk with corn flour and put it on the stain, and after the dirt has been absorbed, we should dry it with a napkin, because corn flour absorbs fat.

Removing gum from the carpet:

In this method, a piece of ice is placed on the place to harden the gum, and when this is done, we can remove the gum from the carpet with a knife.

Removing varnish and paint from the carpet:

Mix a little detergent with vinegar and water and before the paint dries, wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in the mixture, then wash the carpet with warm water. If the paint dries, you can also use paint solvent.

Eliminate urine and feces from the carpet:

Since these stains create a bad smell, first clean the carpet with a damp cloth that is better to be fragrant, and if this is not useful, pour some baking soda on the carpet and after a few minutes, sweep the baking soda and Wipe the carpet again with a towel.

Removing blood stains from carpets:

To remove blood stains, it is enough to prepare some oxygenated water and remove the stain with it.

Eliminate candle droplets from the carpet:

In this case, we must carefully put dark paper or paper towels on the carpet and heat it with an iron. Then we see that the drops of the candle are stuck on the paper. By repeating this several times, you will be able to remove this kind of dirt from the carpet.

Removing glue stains from carpets:

The glue is the hardest type of dirt on the carpet. In this case, you should prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent (it is better to prepare some ammonia and pour it into the solution), then dip a napkin in the solution and apply it on the desired place. .

Removing tobacco stains from carpets:

In this method, you have to prepare some glycerin and pour it on the carpet and after a while, wash it with water and repeat this several times if necessary.

Removing wax and bitumen stains from carpets:

To remove greasy material from carpets such as crayons, you need to prepare some non-greasy solvent that dries very quickly and dip a handkerchief in it and rub it on the carpet and do this until this kind of dirt disappears. Be.

Removing stains of various spices from the carpet:

Make a solution of water and lemon juice and clean the carpet with a dry cloth.

Removing old stains from carpets:

Use some foam of beard paste and rub it on the carpet and after a few minutes, dry it with a damp cloth and after that, put a dry towel on the dirty place to absorb the moisture.

Removing dirt from the carpet edge and root:

You can do this with a towel and a small amount of detergent solution.

Removing heavy items from the carpet:

To remove heavy objects such as the base of the sofa, put some ice on the place and after a while, wipe it with a dry cloth to return it to its original state.

Important points regarding removing various stains from carpets

Before doing the above work, if you have breathing problems, be sure to do the work outdoors with another person.

Be sure to use gloves and a mask.

To use carpet shampoo, you should choose carpet shampoo that has less acidic properties because it does not damage the texture of the carpet and only use carpet shampoos with high acidity when necessary.

If the carpet dirt is not one of the above factors, be sure to go to the carpet cleaner to wash the carpet.