Recognize acrylic carpets from non-acrylic

2021-08-22 13:13:16

Compare acrylic carpets with other carpets

Machine-made carpets are woven from fibers such as polyester, BCF, polypropylene and acrylic, of which most machine-made carpets are made of acrylic heat set because these fibers have special properties such as very high strength It has light, heat, dust, etc. against being flat, and that is why 90% of today's machine-made carpets are made of heat set acrylic. For this reason, people use these features to their advantage and give polyester carpets or other things to the customer instead of acrylic carpets under the pretext of discounted carpets, machine door carpets or cheap carpets. By reading the following article, you will get information about recognizing acrylic fibers in machine carpet. In the continuation of this article, we have compared polyester carpets with acrylic carpets in full with descriptions that you can use.

The difference between acrylic carpets and polyester carpets

Acrylic fibers have clear threads, ie pomegranate seeds or rounded needles, and this feature can be understood by careful observation. Acrylic fibers do not smell like petroleum and plastic materials and are softer and softer than polyester fibers. This type of yarn has a lot of resistance to footing, in other words (it has high reversibility). If we touch the surface of the carpet, the fibers should be passed in the form of grains and not coiled inside. Acrylic fibers have a high resistance to indirect heat, so if we put a hot iron or hot kettle on it for 5 minutes, it will not be damaged. Polyester carpets have a lower price than acrylic carpets. If you do not see one of the above features in the machine-made carpet, it is definitely non-acrylic carpet.

All in-site carpets are made of heat-set acrylic and woven by the latest machines in the machine-made carpet industry.