Shaggy carpet or long pile

What kind of carpet are shaggy or long pile carpets?

Carpets that have long piles are called shaggy carpets or long pile carpets. This type of carpet is in the category of fancy carpets and due to its variety of colors and special beauty, a large number of them are sold every year in the machine carpet market. These rugs are woven from fragmented yarns called piles, which is why we feel comfortable walking on them.

The height of the pile or sleeping thread of Shaggy carpet is three times that of machine carpet. Shaggy rugs are usually spread in places such as bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens, etc. These carpets are very light and have many colors and designs.

Shaggy carpets are woven from acrylic, polypropylene, wool, polyester, etc. and are suitable for any environment. Shaggy carpet, unlike machine carpet, has a shorter life and is not easy to wash.

It goes without saying that such carpets should not be spread in the child's room because they absorb dirt and debris, and this causes the carpet to disappear over time.